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Vegetarian Thali is what we serve !!

Indian food is as diverse as its culture, its racial structure, its geography and its climate. The skill lies in the subtle blending of a variety of spices to enhance rather than overwhelm the basic flavor of a particular dish. These spices are also used as appetizers and digestive.


Gujarati Vegetarian Thali

This is an introduction to Indian Gujarati cooking. Here we have the   different eating habits of people from the State of Gujarat, India. But their basic meal is a thali. The people from all walks of life rich or poor must have their thali.

Many people think that Indian cuisine is spicy. Gujarati thali contain a delicate blend of spices. The family gathers after a day's work around the table and enjoy a great tasting Gujarati Thali.

During festival times Gujarati Thali contains more specialized mouth watering dishes. Festivals always remind us of the specialty dishes associated with that particular festival. You get deserts like rash malai, gulab jamun, kheer etc.

There are many kinds of vegetables and fruits growing in India. Because of this Gujarati Thali consist of local vegetables and fruits. Some of the vegetables are only found in the State of Gujarat. In India the best food is from Surat, Gujarat.

Wheat and rice can be considered as staple. Indian vegetarian cuisine namely thali consist mainly of two or tree shaak, (curry made with different vegetables namely eggplant, karela, cauliflower, cabbage, okra to name a few) and pulses (beans, like moong bean, split peas, garbanzo, kidney beans etc.), rice, dal (made pulses belonging to the lentil family) or kadhi (made with yogurt and gram flour), roti, paratha or poori (Indian bread using wheat flour), raita (made from yogurt ). Papad, pickles chutney are taken on the side. A dessert and or a sweet complements the thali.

During festival days special Gujarati Thali will have appetizer and or some sort of drink (eg. lassi) followed by vegetables and paratha or poori. Biryani or pulao rice will be served with dal. If rice is not served then khichadi (rice with lentils) is served with kadhi (made with yogurt).

At Vatica Indian Vegetarian Cuisine in Marietta (Atlanta), Georgia we provide vegetarian food that tastes just like home cooked. The food is Gujarati Thali. We also prepare snacks and sweets (mithai)that can be shipped anywhere in the U.S.A.

You can enjoy the fresh home cooked food by dining-in or taking out. Vatica Vegetarian Cuisine is the place for typical Indian Gujarati Thali. Do not forget about fresh and delicious delicacies.

We specialize in catering all types of Indian Vegetarian Food, Sweets and Savories. We cater for small and large parties.